Patrick Grosso

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grosso_headshot 3Patrick Grosso
Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Grosso is the Chief Technology Officer of ConferenceDirect. Grosso has spent his entire career in technology and startup fields. He began at an Internet startup, where he served as Senior Project Manager and oversaw cross-team groups of more than 30 engineers. He led the startup’s technology during its peak growth to over 100,000 customers, which resulted in a $54 million exit to XO Communications, Inc. He then spent several years in technology consulting and project management, until he joined Online Buddies, Inc., a social media company with over 10 million members in 70 countries. As Chief Technology Officer there, Grosso led a team of over 25 people, successfully transforming the company’s technology while nearly doubling its active daily users. He joined ConferenceDirect in July 2015 to streamline and enhance the company’s technology and data systems.

Since 2012, Grosso has been an active member of StartOut, a nonprofit organization that fosters LGBT entrepreneurship as well as professional and personal empowerment for LGBT people through education, networking, and outreach. He has served as StartOut’s Executive Chair since October 2014. A passionate innovator, Grosso is heavily involved in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles startup scenes, and he remains committed to LGBT philanthropic and leadership efforts.

Grosso graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics, and also has a background in computer engineering and accounting. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Grosso can be reached at