APM 2013

Industry Insights

IndustryInsights is a Customer Seminar Series hosted by ConferenceDirect to provide industry personnel with valuable information, resources, referrals and more! Local and regional seminars provide valuable face-to-face business connections for new clients, vendors, Associates and friends.

Reverse mini-tradeshow added to IndustryInsights!

ConferenceDirect will provide an added value for its sponsoring partners in the
form of a reverse mini-tradeshow at its upcoming IndustryInsights programs.
This reverse tradeshow format will allow ConferenceDirect’s supplier partners to
visit one-on-one with various ConferenceDirect associates from both the local
and regional associate field. The ConferenceDirect associates will be the
exhibiting representatives at each table-top location so that our partners will
have an easy and convenient forum to network with our associates and build
new relationships.


The tradeshow will take place from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., followed by a
networking breakfast where many ConferenceDirect customers and prospective
customers will join in on the networking. Following the networking breakfast,
we will begin our industry panel session covering many of the “hot” and “must
know” topics within our industry today.

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